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taking matters in my hands

The Helping Hands

"My Impact" page publishes issues of priority importance, or special announcements and recognitions. Individuals and groups may choose to impact the world around them in various ways, providing helping hands to the category of life impacted such as human lives, animals, or environment in general. "My Impact" page is designed to communicate the type of engagement our organization is focusing on at any given time. 

Certain problems such as natural disasters require immediate and swift response to help lives impacted. Every engagement has a unique identification acronym or code as shown below. Problems impact lives at varying intensity and severity. Responses of urgency are classified as  "Priority Missions". We also take initiatives to make important announcements or recognitions Please find out how and where you would like to dedicate your helping hands to impact the affected lives. Be the bright sun that lights these affected lives just to bring much needed hope and relief.